Not offering online appointment booking? It's costing you...


You're not connecting with patients or clients who: prefer to book online; want an appointment ASAP; millenials; and patients or clients who prefer to book during non-business hours.


64% of patients or clients prefer to book online. How many are visiting your website and leaving without booking an appointment? All because they cannot book an appointment online.

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On average, patients or clients book appointments 45 hours in advance. The back and forth of trading phone calls or emails makes it difficult to deliver a lead time this short. You are leaving appointment slots - a perishable commodity - unfilled if you rely solely on appointment booking via phone or email.


Millenials comprise over 43% of the adult population in Canada. They're the most health conscious generation and also the generation that spends the most time online. Without online appointment booking on your website, you will have a tough time capturing this large and influential demographic.


A large percentage - 35% - of online appointment booking happens during non-business hours. Without an online booking option on your website, you lose patients or clients who want to book during non-business hours.

VroomHealth has the experience and knowledge to help you start connecting with more patients or clients by offering online appointment booking.

You are probably violating PIPEDA or other privacy laws if you store Canadian patient health information on servers outside of Canada. Our servers are located in Canada and our service complies with PIPEDA and the various provincial acts.

We use 256 bit encryption along with a 2048-bit key to keep your patient health information safe.

We would never put your entire calendar online for everyone to see - that would be an invasion of your privacy. We allow patients or clients to search for available appointments, at a specific time, and return the nearest matching appointments.

We've been offering appointments online for a while - about 5 years. We started by offering appointments on our own site and we've taken what we developed/learned and we're providing it to health and wellness professionals like yourself.

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